11 random things to trick or treat yourself with this Halloween

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This is good, but we can help you do better (Picture: AP)

Fancy going big on the October 31 this year?

To inspire and astound you here’s a round up of the weirdest and funniest items you can fill your treat bucket with this Halloween.

From cute and delicious to the strange and downright scary, from one pound to thousands there’s something for every ghoul in the family.

It’s time to get freaky with your cash.

(Picture: Asda)

(Picture: Asda)

1. For the first time in the UK are glow stick lollies, at £1 a bag these really will set you apart from the other houses doling out treats in the street to little visitors.

Snap, suck and watch them light up. Available from Asda.


(Picture: http://www.madhattersjokeshop.com)

2. Don’t ignore the littlest room in the house.

These gruesome toilet seat stickers will obviously go down a trick or treat when drunken visitors pay a visit.

The blood dripping from the cistern is a particularly nice touch and for only £2.50 a throw.

(Picture: IslandCustomDesigns/Etsy)

(Picture: IslandCustomDesigns/Etsy)

3. Because nothing says scary like Michael Myers’ mask face looking at you through the window.

Stick this horrifying vinyl transfer to the glass to get that authentic Jamie Lee Curtis scream going on.

In the words of Donald Pleasance ‘death has come to your little town’.

Halloween hamper (Picture: Fortnum & Mason)

Halloween hamper (Picture: Fortnum & Mason)

4. Attending a party?

Be the classiest guest in the room by taking your host the Fortnum & Mason Limited Edition Wicked Wicker Hamper for some upper class gruesome treats such as Jellied Brains and Sugar Bones. £55 from their site.

(Picture: eBay)

(Picture: eBay)

5. If you don’t want to wear a stupid outfit for that big costumed do but still fancy a nod to the night in question then why not use this awesome Bloody Cleaver Clutch Bag instead of your usual tote and embrace your inner Dexter?

Yes it’s a real bag with a zip and a strap and everything. For only £25 from eBay there’s room to carry your mobile, a lipstick, some spells and a dagger.

Picture: www.potterybarn.com)

(Picture: http://www.potterybarn.com)

6. Our American cousins love Halloween and Pottery Barn goes a bundle on spooky items every year, now shipping to the UK bypass the boring pumpkin cushions and take in the metal crows, chalkboard headstones and skeleton salt shakers on offer.

Really want to go to town? Look at this life sized lit up Ghost Horse.

Buy four of them and recreate the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Picture: Amazon.co.uk

(Picture: Amazon.co.uk)

7. If you don’t have room for the horse then just go with a dead dog instead.

This skeleton canine will definitely add a certain cachet to your trick or treating walk.

Only £19.99 on Amazon and comes with a free pumpkin balloon. Win.

Devil wings Picture: Asda)

Devil wings (Picture: Asda)

8. Totally outdo everyone else by sporting wings, yes actual wings.

Ones that spread out AT THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON for the ultimate outfit surprise.

Add these never-seen-before Wingflatables to any costume to really soar above the competition this Halloween.

From Asda for between £8-10.

(Picture: www.steamcream.com)

(Picture: http://www.steamcream.com)

9. All of that face paint is going to leave your skin feeling a bit worse for wear.

Ensure that your own skin isn’t scarier than next door’s Scream mask by carrying this little magic potion around with you or buy one for your fellow witches.

The original Steamcream now with updated tins for the season – the Limited Edition pots now feature this cute spooky cat. Adorable and useful! £12.95 here.

Picture: catalog.sourcecollection.com/

(Picture: catalog.sourcecollection.com)

10. Your Halloween table will need a centre-piece and what better than the Octopus Punch Bowl?

This £1,558 pewter serving bowl is obviously not available for gift wrapping and goes very well with the matching Octo-labra in which you could put some be-tentacled candles if you’re a stickler for detail?

Picture: http://www.octopustable.com/

(Picture: http://www.octopustable.com)

11. If cephalapods are your thing (and who doesn’t love an ugly deep sea creature?) then you’ll certainly be wanting to get hold of the incredible Octopus Table.

The perfect talking point for any Halloween shindig.

Weighing in at very heavy indeed 500lbs and yours for only £62,343.

Happy Halloween!

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