All bets are off as Jane Beale is ‘leaked’ as Lucy Beale’s shock murderer

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Walford resident Lucy Beale was murdered on Friday, sparking off a plot that's set to run to 2015 (Picture: BBC)

Who killed Lucy Beale? Ladbrokes are worried there’s been a leak (Picture: BBC)

Bookies Ladbrokes have suspended betting over which Walford resident killed Lucy Beale after a suspected storyline leak.

A female customer in central London placed 25 bets on Jane Beale being revealed as Lucy’s killer and in a matter of hours Jane’s odds had collapsed into favouritism at 2/1 (from 16/1) before the bookies pulled the plug.

Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes said: ‘We smell a rat and have been forced to suspend betting on the Eastenders whodunit.

‘Our mystery punter’s going to have to wait a while to collect her winnings if she’s right, but for the time being we’re not prepared to take any more bets.’

EastEnders is planning to mark its 30th anniversary in February next year with a live episode, with more live scenes throughout the week and culminating in the dramatic conclusion to the Lucy murder saga.


Could Jane Beale really be Lucy’s killer? (Picture: BBC)

Bosses wanted to keep Lucy’s killer a secret until the last possible moment and they are hoping the live week will keep viewers guessing.

Executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins said: ‘This is a fantastic opportunity to create a massive national event and one that will enable us to celebrate 30 years in spectacular style.

‘With live elements to each episode as well as a half-hour live episode, it allows us to have a huge number of surprises.

‘It is ambitious and exciting and something I know everyone at EastEnders will excel at.’

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