British man given 40 stitches after mauling by Gibraltar Ape

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(Picture: SWNS)

These Barbary macaques may look cute (Picture: SWNS)

A British tourist had to be rushed to hospital in Gibraltar after being set upon by one of the island’s famous apes.

Stuart Gravenell was visiting the former Mediterranean British colony and naval base with his family when he was attacked by a Barbary macaques.

Mr Gravenell was walking through a nature reserve at the top of the Rock of Gibraltar when an alpha male macaque charged him, flanked by a loyal pack.

The metre-long ape jumped on the British tourist, sinking its teeth deep into his forearm.

This brutal monkey attack led to Mr Gravenell being rushed to hospital where his infected wounds were cleaned and treated before he was given 40 stitches.

Hospital staff informed the family that they were treating two ape-related injuries a week, the worst it has ever been.

The apes now number in the hundreds and are the only wild community of apes on the entire European continent.

(Picture: SWNS)

The result of the ape biting Mr Gravenell (Picture: SWNS)

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