CCTV footage shows two men pushing blind and deaf man on to railway tracks

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Glyn Morrell, rail track

This is the moment Glyn Morrell was pushed on to the tracks (Picture: East News Press)

Two men pushed a blind and deaf man on to a railway track in a horrific crime caught on CCTV.

Daniel Webster, 23, and Niall Martin, 24, shoved Glyn Morrell off the platform at Chelmsford railway station in February after getting into an altercation with him and his brother Joseph, who was also pushed on to the tracks.

The images showed the moment 31-year-old Glyn fell helplessly at the station in Essex, in an incident that was described as disgraceful and dangerous by the judge at Chelmsford Crown Court.

Niall Martin, 24, (L) and Daniel Webster

Niall Martin, 24, (L) and Daniel Webster, 23, (Picture: East News Press)

Webster admitted actual bodily harm (ABH) and grievous bodily harm (GBH) against the two brothers and received 22 months in jail.

Martin pleaded guilty to ABH on Joseph, 28, and will serve nine months in prison.

‘This is exactly the sort of thing that terrifies members of the travelling public late at night,’ said Judge David Turner QC while delivering his verdict.

Glyn now has a limp after spending a month and a half on crutches following the assault.

He was forced to take six months off work as a result of his injuries.

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