Couple have car sex outside prison, cause massive traffic jam

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The car was rocking back and forth, police say (Picture: Springfield Police)

The car was rocking back and forth, police say (Picture: Springfield Police)

If you’re going to have sex in your car and you don’t consider being caught an added frisson, you might want to drive to a secluded spot first.

But that’s exactly what one couple failed to do, with the pair so caught up in their passion that they failed to notice the enormous traffic jam building behind them as motorists slowed down to watch the show.

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Kelly M. Knutson, 24, and Logan P. Jackson, 33, were at Brick House Strip Club in Springfield, Oregon, when they felt a sudden wave of desire and retreated to their car – parked outside the city jail – to have sex.

But the passionate pair failed to notice that passing motorists were slowing down to watch the car – which was rocking back and forth – and the shameless couple in action inside it, with so many vehicles doing so that it caused a traffic jam.

(Picture: Google)

The pair had spent the evening at Brick House Strip Club (Picture: Google)

Officers said the pair were ‘actively engaged’ in the car.

‘It ended soon after [officers] knocked on the window,’ Springfield Police Sergeant Rich Charboneau told KVAL.

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‘They were very cooperative.’

Police booked Ms Knutson and Mr Jackson for indecent exposure and disorderly conduct and while Ms Knutson was sent to Lane County Jail, Mr Jackson ended up, in an ironic twist, in the prison they were parked outside.

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