Creator of Facebook’s ‘Like’ button reveals why there will NEVER be a ‘Dislike’ button

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Facebook and Apple, long known for cushy perks such as free meals, laundry service and massages, are among some of Silicon Valley's biggest companies now eyeing reproductive expenses as the next batch of benefits to offer to their employees. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma, File) AP Photo/Paul Sakuma, File

Sadly, there won’t be an upside-down version any time soon (Picture: AP)

Anyone who’s spent the last decade praying for Facebook to launch a ‘Dislike’ button looks set to be out of luck.

The site will never launch one, according to the man who made the thumbs-up symbol that now rules our leisure time.

Facebook’s former CTO Bret Taylor (creator of the ‘Like’ button) has said creating a ‘thumbs down’ one would have a ‘lot of unfortunate consequences’.

Sadly, he doesn’t explain what we’re MEANT to do when someone posts 4,000 baby pictures every day, or a drip-feed of humblebrags about how far they’ve jogged that morning.

Taylor said that the button was one that ‘came up a lot’ when the site launched ‘Like’, but that they decided that it would be ‘too complex’ to have a ‘Dislike’ button as well – and it would make the entire site too negative.

Facebook 'dislike' button: It's not real! (Pic: Sophos)

There have been several apps offering a ‘Dislike’ button – sadly, they are the only thing worse than baby pictures… a computer virus (Pic: Sophos)

Taylor explains that the reason is that ‘Like’ doesn’t actually mean, ‘Like’ – it’s meant to dob in for nothingy words such as ‘Cool’ or ‘Wow’ which used to crop up en masse under posts.

Making a ‘Dislike’ button would have blown our tiny minds, Taylor believes.

What this says about the most-’Liked’ pages on Earth is open to question (in case you’re wondering, it’s Shakira in first place, with 140 million thumbs ups, followed by Cristiano Ronaldo on 100 million, Eminem on 95, then Rihanna and Coca-Cola on 89 million).

Shakira is an intelligent and unforcedly eccentric female megastar (Picture: Supplied)

This is the most Liked human being on our planet (Picture: Supplied)

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Taylor told TechRadar that the dislike button, ‘came up a lot. In fact even the language of the word like was something we discussed a lot as well. But regarding the dislike button, the main reason is that in the context of the social network, the negativity of that button has a lot of unfortunate consequences.

‘The reason we launched the button in the first place was that there were a lot of times that people wanted to acknowledge something someone did, but didn’t have anything to say. And a lot of comments were one word like ‘cool’ or ‘wow’ so the like button let people did that with a single click. It wasn’t really just a sentiment of ‘like’.’

I have the feeling that if there were to be a ‘dislike’ button is that you would end up with these really negative social aspects to it. If you want to dislike something, you should probably write a comment, because there’s probably a word for what you want to say. I’m not saying the ‘like’ button isn’t flawed would it be even more complex with a negative sentiment like ‘dislike’.’

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