Deep freeze! Britain faces plunging temperatures this weekend

November 21, 2014 admin No comments

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Temperatures could fall as low as -4C in some parts of the country over the next few days, as clear skies see temperatures plunge across the UK.

Large parts of the country should expect ‘severe frosts’ from Sunday.

Cumbria and Scotland will bear the full force of the icy blast, with tempeatures plunging to -4C on Friday.

There will be sleet and snow on high ground in some areas.

The Met Office said that Britons should not worry about the severe snowstorms afflicting areas of America making it to these shores, ‘Many people believe that there’s a rule of thumb that weather in the US will arrive in the UK a few days later – but that’s by no means always the case.

‘In this instance, there’s high confidence that the cold snowy weather will stay on the western side of the Atlantic.’

Leon Brown, of The Weather Channel UK, said the cold spell would begin to hit the rest of Britain early next week.

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He said: “It is feeling quite cold on Sunday. In the rain over the Southeast temperatures will be pulled down to only 5c (41F) in the afternoon after a mild start early in the day.

The Met Office forecasts that while the mild weather will continue into the weekend with daytime temperatures around 15C, the mercury is set to plummet at the start of next week.

Several parts of the country can expect severe frosts on Sunday night, with temperatures sitting around the ‘low single figures‘ on Monday and Tuesday.

A Met Office spokesperson said: ‘The cold will come due to high pressure and clear skies that allow the heat to escape.’

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