Drunk girl films make-up tutorial, basically paints her own eyeball

November 21, 2014 admin No comments

Don't drink and make-up, guys (Picture: YouTube/simrell)

Don’t drink and make-up, guys (Picture: YouTube/simrell)

A YouTube user called simrell has made a drunk make-up tutorial in homage to Jenna Marbles, who owns the niche concept on YouTube.

Let’s put aside for a moment our judgmental Britishness and assume that because she has drunk two-thirds of a tiny bottle of strawberry daquiri alcopop she really is trashed, and enjoy the film.

‘If you have any spots, no one’s going to love you,’ she slurs, jabbing at her face with a foundation sponge.

‘Slap it on your… baby stick… and just put it on,’ she says, wielding an eyeshadow wand. ‘Just add a bunch of f****** colours. You’re done. You’ve won.’

It’s genuinely horrific to watch the moment when she attempts to draw liquid eyeliner on to the inside of her tearline, but basically drags the brush across her own eyeball.

The eyebrows she daubs on make her look like a crazed Joan Crawford. But she’s happy.

Clearly a YouTube make-up vlogger in the making, she finishes up: ‘Now you have make-up on your face and no one will suspect you’re actually an unattractive f*****.’

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