Dutch prank with attractive women and pizza delivery guy doesn’t need subtitles

October 24, 2014 admin No comments

Warning: Strong language 

No subtitles needed for this Dutch prank, we’ll walk you straight through it.

Take one beautiful blonde, one pizza delivery guy and one dingy apartment.

Just to turn up the heat, a second lady is added to the mix – and she’s only wearing lingerie.

A game of shirtless Twister? Why not…

Dutch prank, YouTube

There’s no excuse needed for Twister (Picture: YouTube)

A cheeky cut-away to the victim’s friends whose hilarity is pretty obvious.

Dutch prank, YouTube

With friends like these… (Picture: YouTube)

Yep, we knew it was too good to be true.

The violent boyfriend has arrived and he is looking for blood.

Dutch prank, YouTube

Trouble has arrived (Picture: YouTube)

Just as the delivery man thinks he is in serious trouble, his friends jump out and tell him it has all been a prank.

He smiles – but we really know he’s an unhealthy mix of bitterness, disappointment and relief. Poor chap.

Dutch prank, YouTube

He’s smiling but he’s probably disappointed he won’t be getting the women (Picture: YouTube)

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