EastEnders: An early, and welcome, return for a familiar face

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(Picture: BBC)

Nasty Nick Cotton is back (Picture: BBC)

EastEnders have been great at throwing in surprises just lately, and what a fab treat to get an early glimpse of Nasty Nick Cotton.

Viewers weren’t expecting Dot’s wayward son, who she believes to be dead, to be onscreen until next week. While we were all shocked to see him so soon, that’s nothing compared to what Dot’s reaction will be! But why is Nick back, and what is he up to?

Having blackmailed son Charlie into faking Nick’s death, Nick returning seemed a distant possibility. But fans of EastEnders know it is never long before this particular bad penny turns up, and have long been speculating as to what horrors he will bring Dot, Charlie and Ronnie for Halloween.

It'll only be a matter of time before he comes face to face with son Charlie (Picture: BBC)

It’ll only be a matter of time before he comes face to face with son Charlie (Picture: BBC)

While Charlie is always suspiciously flush, which can’t all be from stealing money from residents at the care home where he works, Dot has few funds left since her run in with the council. Although I seem to remember her mentioning a little nest egg to Charlie a few months ago, but I can’t imagine we’re talking thousands of pounds. So if Nick is back to con Dot out of her life savings, he has had a wasted trip.

What on earth has Nick come back for this time? (Picture: BBC)

What on earth has Nick come back for this time? (Picture: BBC)

Nick may have heard that he is about to be a grandfather, a terrifying prospect in more ways than one. He is a terrible father, and is unlikely to turn over a new leaf for his first grandchild. Nick is smart enough to know that no one will want him around, so he could be planning on getting Ronnie to give him money to keep away. This is actually a pretty good plan, until you remember that Ronnie is a) a Mitchell and b) a murderer. I think Nick might have met his match there.

With Nick’s thoroughly unpleasant past, including such joyful events as plotting to poison his own mother and holding a cafe full of people hostage, he seems a natural fit for ‘who killed Lucy Beale’. Certainly there is no love lost between Nick and Lucy’s father Ian, who grew up with Nick and was bullied by him. Nick is also a notorious drug addict, and with Lucy known to have taken cocaine regularly in her last days, it’s logical that Nick could have been her supplier. Given that EastEnders’ first ever episode involved a dead body being discovered, and the killer of that body turning out to be Nick, what better way to celebrate the 30th anniversary by having the original killer strike again?

(Picture: BBC)

Could Nick become a part of the ongoing Lucy Beale murder plot? (Picture: BBC)

Mind you, that could mean that Nick is back to kill someone else entirely. As his victim of choice is usually Dot, we can assume that Walford’s most beloved resident isn’t safe. Can Charlie, Ronnie and…er…Fatboy protect her, or will Dot finally meet her maker?

While Dot will likely be killed off in the next few years, I think there would be a public outcry if Nick was the cause of death. Things are going to get very nasty now Nick’s back, but hopefully newer residents of Albert Square will be able to teach him a lesson, even if they can’t reform him.

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