EastEnders: Kat and Alfie are getting married. Again.

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(Picture: BBC)

EastEnders’ long-standing couple are tying the knot yet again (Picture: BBC)

I love a soap wedding. They aren’t like normal weddings.

Usually, two people who love each other very much stand up in front of family and friends and say some vows. Marriage complete, nice and easy.

But in a soap wedding, at least one of the couple will have been sleeping with someone they aren’t marrying, and someone else’s life will be in danger. Soap weddings are dramatic, so quite why any character would want more than one is beyond me. But that hasn’t stopped newly wedded Kat and Alfie from getting hitched, despite this not being their first wedding, even to each other.

Kat Slater didn’t seem the sort to settle down with a husband and babies. But secretly she was waiting for her ‘man in the moon’ and when Alfie turned up, surname ‘Moon’, viewers guessed that EastEnders were giving us a not so subtle hint that these two were in it for the long haul.

In true soap tradition, it took forever for Kat and Alfie to get together. Poor Alfie even had to stop Kat’s wedding to gangster Andy before the pair would admit to being in love. They finally married on Christmas Day 2003, but that was far from being the end of the story.

(Picture: BBC)

(Picture: BBC)

Kat has a lot of issues, following childhood abuse by her uncle. While Alfie has never failed to be there for her, Kat’s multiple insecurities lead her to do stupid things, like cheat on Alfie in drunken one night stands. The pair split up, Kat moves away, then she returns and they reconcile. This has happened three times so far, with the last break up being caused by Kat’s affair with Derek Branning.

This nearly split them for good. Not only did Kat and Alfie get divorced, Alfie went on to marry Roxy Mitchell. Now Alfie and Roxy were a pretty good pairing, but nothing touches ‘Kalfie’ in the romance stakes. Inevitably, Alfie realised it was Kat he wanted to be with, and left Roxy. Having divorced the new wife to return to the old, Kat and Alfie were planning on getting married again, until a fire tore through their house and put those plans on hold.

(Picture: BBC)

Like any other soap wedding, of course it’s not all going to go to plan (Picture: BBC)

Now Kat is ready to marry Alfie again, which would be a lovely end to the story. Except for the fact that Kat is struggling with terrible injuries following the fire, and unbeknownst to her, it was Alfie that started the fire. It is more difficult to keep a secret in Walford than it is to have a wedding go without a hitch, so the chances of Kat and Alfie heading for the divorce courts once more are very high.

That said, this couple have endured affairs, miscarriages and the kidnapping of their baby. They might not look unbreakable, but it’s pretty hard to keep them apart for long. Maybe Kalfie can survive anything after all, and this marriage will be the last and best for both of them.

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