EastEnders soap spoilers: Martin Fowler is set to return to the Square before Christmas

October 24, 2014 admin No comments

Warning: Contains spoilers


(Picture: BBC)

Recently it was announced that Martin Fowler would be making his return to the Square, but we were kept guessing as to when. Now rumour has it it’ll be very, very soon.

The bods at the BBC have revealed he’ll be making his comeback this side of Christmas as his and Sonia’s marriage storyline hots up.

Sonia is seen emotionally blackmailing her daughter Rebecca in Friday night’s episode when Rebecca reveals her plans to leave for the Music Academy boarding school in Wales. Sonia is none too pleased about her first born upping and leaving her, so tells her that she can’t leave because she’s the only thing keeping her and Martin’s marriage together.

Next week sees things go bad to worse for Sonia, as her mum Carol discovers her emotional blackmail, and she misinterprets a moment between her and Kush which turns into an awkward attempted kiss.


(Picture: BBC)

Martin will be making his return to see if he can save his marriage before it ends up in divorce.

James Bye will play the new Martin, following on from James Alexandrou.

He said of taking on the role: ‘It’s an honour to be joining the cast of such a great show – especially as part of the long standing Fowler family. It’s a huge opportunity for me to put my own stamp onto an iconic character and I can’t wait to get started!’

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