EastEnders spoiler pictures: OMG! Stacey sleeps with Dean and then regrets it

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In bed with the devil … Stacey wishes she’d used her head (Picture: BBC)

Stacey wakes up in Dean’s bed and instantly thinks it was a mistake, as these brand new spoiler pictures reveal.

In Monday’s episode Dean comforts Stacey over her ongoing arguments with Alfie and he offers to let her stay in the spare room. Stacey is pretty pleased with the offer, but it means she makes a pretty terrible decision.

One thing leads to another the pair end up sleeping together. Stacey has no idea what she’s done, but the hairdresser seems to come to her senses as afterwards Stacey makes a swift exit, wishing it had never happened.

Dean turns on the charm (Picture: Kieron McCarron/BBC)

Dean turns on the charm (Picture: Kieron McCarron/BBC)

Dean is rapidly turning into the baddest boy in Walford after raping Linda and taking advantage of a sad Stacey, and the creep shows no signs of calming down.

Stacey should stay away (Picture: Gary Moyes/BBC)

Stacey should stay away (Picture: Gary Moyes/BBC)

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