Emmerdale: Charity’s attacker tricked into coming clean

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(Picture: ITV)

Charity has had a bit of a time of it of late, what with nearly being murdered, and then her dead boyfriend who tried to kill her turning up alive and well.

Things were not about to get better for the rejected Dingle, who was abducted, just to cap everything off.

No wait, that doesn’t cap everything off. Her attacker getting knocked out and leaving her there to die. Yeah, that just about caps it off.

Tonight’s episode saw Jai come to after his nasty head injury and realise that Charity has been left where he locked her, and could quite possibly be dead. Uh oh spaghettios.

And when Cain comes and confronts him it seems like things are going from bad to worse for the factory owner.

Ah, but there’s an ace up his sleeve. He manages to turn the situation into a touch of blackmail when he realises he told Sam where to find Charity, but instead he left her there to rot.

Oooh curveball.

But although Jai thinks things are going in his favour, he is sadly wrong. Megan turns up to confront him about his affair, but he gets his wires crossed and thinks she’s confronting him about the whole Charity thing. Foot in mouth situation.

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