EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Disney hunk Nick Jonas says it’s ‘never too late’ for him to go off the rails

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Nick Jonas opens up about vices and making Jennifer Lopez sweat (Picture: © Island Records)

Nick Jonas opens up about vices and making Jennifer Lopez sweat (Picture: Island Records)

Nick Jonas has promised fans he won’t be following in the footsteps of former Disney stars like Demi Lovato and Britney Spears – because he is too busy.

Having watched fellow child stars go off the rails in spectacular fashion, the singer joked: ‘It’s never too late to lose my mind.’

But the relatively clean-living star says there is no chance he will become a victim of a drugs or sex scandal.

‘I love to have a beer with my friends and hang out and smoke a cigar. By no means do I have things that I use to cope to deal with the crazy life I live. If anything, it’s golf. Golf and cigars works for me,’ he laughed.

The Dallas-born singer told Metro in an exclusive chat that he has been working hard on his solo career following the break-up of the Jonas Brothers – the band he performed in with elder siblings Joe, 25, and 26-year-old Kevin.

‘I’ve had four years to collect my thoughts and think about what I want to do and the steps I will take to get there.

‘Although it didn’t come without bumps in the road or moments where I was stressed or feeling like it was all too much,’ he said.

Having caused a stir when topless photographs of him from a glossy magazine hit the internet earlier this month, Jonas says the biggest bonus is that he got Jennifer Lopez, 40, sweating as a consequence.

‘JLo heard my song as a result of seeing the shoot. It’s all very exciting,’ he gushed.

‘I have always loved JLo but I was kinda shocked when I heard she had heard the song. I saw a YouTube video or a Twitter video or whatever it was, of her working out to my song Jealous. I thought “This is great! This is terrific!”’ he beamed.

Nick Jonas’ new single Chains is out now under Island Records.

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