EXCLUSIVE Neighbours wedding: Chris Milligan says he’ll happily get naked for TV

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(Picture: Channel 5)

In a win for all things soap, actor Chris Milligan – who’s played Kyle Canning in soap Aussie soap Neighbours for the last six years – has told Metro.co.uk he’ll happily strip off for the cameras. 

Neighbours saw Kyle Canning and Georgia Brooks tie the knot in a beautiful ceremony this week after the couple have had a turbulent year (cheating, miscarriages, etc etc) and, save for a couple of hitches at the beginning, it goes swimmingly. That NEVER happens in soapland.

What doesn’t go swimmingly however, is when they try to have s-e-x. Largely because they get too drunk on the night and then get interrupted the next day – by his nan.

Speaking to Metro.co.uk Milligan says the pair’s attempt to consummate the marriage is destined to go awry when they receive a couple of visitors: ‘It ends up as Georgia, Bailey [a Ramsay Street resident], Sheila [Kyle’s nan] and Kyle sitting at the end of the bed looking at the laptop and all they want to do is..you know…get on with their married life. But they’ve got their grandma and some random kid in their honeymoon suite.’ Awks.

Now Neighbours is obviously not known for it’s sex scenes, but the burning question is whether, given the opportunity, Milligan would ever bear his buff bod.

‘Yeah I guess if I got a job! You have to. I don’t have any problem with that. I used to do nudey runs at parties quite a lot. So I don’t have a problem with that.’ Thank god for that.

Neighbours WK43 EP 6986

(Picture: Channel 5)

Nudey runs = streaking by the way.

Speaking about the wedding, he said: ‘[The filming] was so epic and long. It went on for about three weeks because we had to shoot the outside stuff, and then we had to shoot studio stuff, and then we had to do pick-ups, and do the things that we didn’t have time to shoot.

‘I was just over putting that suit on, and poor Saskia having to put that dress on all the time. It was such a mammoth effort by everyone that by the end of it everyone was probably glad to see the back of it. But we were really proud of what we’d accomplished.’

Neighbours WK43 EP 6986

(Picture: Channel 5)

He also hinted at a Neighbours/UK soap crossover: ‘We’ve always wanted that. Why not? Send us over here and shoot some scenes, or send you guys down there. We’re walking down the street at EastEnders and we’re in the background or something. People are too competitive in this world. Why not mix it up.’

Buff Ramsay Street bods on our turf? LET’S MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

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