Facebook restores full-frontal birth picture after #bottomgate row

November 21, 2014 admin No comments


Facebook has now backed down and said that this photo does not violate their image policies (Picture: Facebook)

Facebook has backed down in a row over a controversial image of a woman giving birth – and restored full-frontal images of a baby surfacing in a birthing pool.

The social network was accused of hypocrisy this week after it banned images of a woman’s rear in a birthing pool – but allowed images of Kim Kardashian’s oiled rear to circulate on the site.

The birthing photograph was censored under the social media giant’s offensive image policy on the same day as Kim K’s ‘break the internet’ pose appeared.

When writer Millli Hill posted the image for her Positive Birth Movement group, her Facebook access was suspended, and the image removed.

Today, the writer said that Facebook had been in touch to explain that ‘the current situation is unsatisfactory’, and that their policies can ‘sometimes be more blunt than (we) would like’.

The social media giant also acknowledged that they ‘occasionally make a mistake’. The offending picture is still removed from the site.

Hill writes, ‘At least they are grown-up enough to admit such errors: in the past 24 hours they have restored some of the childbirth images that have been the subject of recent debate, including this picture, which they now say does not violate their standards after all.’

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