Father throws chair at judge after ‘absurdly low’ sentence for driver who killed his daughter

November 22, 2014 admin No comments

An angry father threw a chair at a judge over the ‘absurdly low’ sentence given to the man who killed his two-year-old girl and her grandparents in a road accident.

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The motorist killed the toddler and her 67 and 64-year-old grandparents instantly when he went off the road at 75mph in a 50mph zone.

(Picture: 1Limburg)

The distraught father launched a chair at the judge (Picture: 1Limburg)

And the distraught father of the two-year-old was furious when the driver was handed 120 hours of community service, with 60 days in custody if the work is not completed, launching a chair in her direction before being escorted from the Limburg, Netherlands, court by security.

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Local media reports suggest the situation was worsened by the apparent absence of remorse shown by the motorist, who they say did not apologise.

(Picture: 1Limburg)

Security escorted the father out after his outburst (Picture: 1Limburg)

The sentence has been widely criticised by those who have watched the video on social media, with one user calling it ‘bullsh***’ and another saying that ‘taking the life of three people NEEDS punishment’.

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’120 hours of social work for taking 3 lives including a 2 year old child. He had the awareness of driving too fast, he was aware of taking the risk,’ wrote LZMieczu.

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