Games Inbox: P.T. demo GOTY, GTA V for violence, and Super Mario World

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P.T. - more than just a demo?

P.T. – more than just a demo?

The evening Inbox wonders why console sales numbers are so hard to come by, as one reader worries he’s addicted to games.

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Could’ve been a contender
I was looking at your top 20 games for 2014 and I found myself wondering if P.T. warranted consideration?

For me it was one of the best and most innovative slices of gaming of the year and it probably took as long to finish as many other game campaigns. It is not a re-release or an expansion and as far as I know, it is not a demo either.

You did review it, but did not score it, so I guess you are not considering it as a ‘game’? However, your comments suggest you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Anyway, I wondered what you thought about this, does its status as a teaser take it out of the running for game of the year or is it eligible as a stand alone product?

If you did consider it a game, in it’s own right, do you think it would have figured in your top 20 list?
Monoxide_TSK (PSN ID)

GC: You do make a good point, so we may give it an honorary mention. But it is officially just a demo, and it’s also purposefully almost impossible to beat. But although we place restrictions on our own top 20 of the year there are none for the reader’s chart (other than that the game has to have been out in the UK in 2014), so feel free to vote for it when we start the process in January.

Something to hide
After reading your article about the Xbox One outselling the PlayStation 4 in the UK recently I noticed that you mentioned sales figures are not released. Is that really true? The reason I ask is that it is something I wanted to try and get my head round.

I see so many articles citing what console is selling more, but if there is no official numbers to back this then is it not just speculation? I don’t think there can be any dispute that the PlayStation 4 is miles in front of Xbox One but how/what as an industry is deemed to be a ‘reliable source’ and how do they get the data for figures?

GC: Except for in Japan there are no independently verified sales figures. Or rather none that are made public, which is why there are occasionally leaks. The big three usually release sales figures each quarter, but they’re under no obligation to do so and often don’t break the numbers down into different territories – and certainly not individual countries like the UK. If things are going badly then a common trick is to lump in unrelated consoles, such as Microsoft only announcing combined Xbox One and Xbox 360 sales – something Sony also did with the PS Vita and PSP. Trying to fob off shipped figures instead of sold is another way to avoid revealing exactly how they’re doing.

Some statement
In reply to lamarj723 regarding the Xbox One being the worst console ever then yes, the first 10 months it has been my worst console to date. For the reasons I’ve stated, and considering I’ve been gaming since 1986 then it’s some statement. I know a good few who have sold their Xbox One to get a PlayStation 4 because they were that fed up, although it does have potential. (Doesn’t the sales in the first 10 months tell a story…).

And yes, Street Fighter II was not a launch game but Super Mario World was, which I’ve got mixed up. Good spot, but hey that was over 20 years ago and Mario World is the greatest game in my view. On the best console made to date!

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The buzz
I don’t feel it’s been a bad gaming year. I’ve gone from a Xbox 360 to PlayStation 4 after tiring of Halo and feeling that Sony tend to have more varied exclusives like Shadow Of The Colossus, The Last Of Us, Journey, Puppeteer, and Tearaway.

I’m enjoying and appreciating remastered version of last gen’s best. Shiny versions of cross gen games like Wolfenstein have kept me highly entertained, as have excellent indie games Hotline Miami and Rogue Legacy.

What’s been missing is a true next gen only classic. I’d swap all the games I’ve played so far for one that gave the same buzz I got when stepping on the Halo ring or Hyrule Field for the first time. Me getting older and diminishing returns in processing power may make it harder to do this but I did have that same buzz a year ago playing Dark Souls. For me it’s up to the console maker to deliver at least one game like that in the first year of the console and Sony have failed massively on that front.
Simundo_Fisher(PSN ID)

GC: Only one of the games you mention first came out in 2014.

Keep your shirt on
The first person prostitute gameplay videos I’ve seen for the current gen versions of Grand Theft Auto V certainly don’t leave much to the imagination. The ladies of the night have been present in the Grand Theft Auto series for many years now but never have they been displayed so vividly – I’m aware that the animations haven’t changed since the last gen version, but the first person view really does add something.

The fact that both parties remain clothed during the illicit transaction makes it just look a bit silly. I imagine those fortunate enough to own a Oculus Rift demo kit will particularly enjoy the new perspective in GTA V.

When I was a kid I wasn’t allowed to play the most mature rated games. One Christmas my cousin came to visit, and with him he brought along a copy of Grand Theft Auto III – it was probably the first truly violent game I had ever played. I remember absolutely loving the game (after sneaking downstairs to play it at night), just driving around Liberty City with the radio blasting Stripe Summer by Dil Don’t was a new and amazing experience.

I also remember being shocked by how violent Grand Theft Auto III could be; running people over with cars and beating them with a baseball bat until they were left in a puddle of (poorly textured) blood was something I hadn’t done in a game before. The ability to pick up prostitutes also shocked me at the time – but now when I see footage of prostitutes in GTA III I can’t help but laugh; seeing Claude and his associate sitting completely still and staring out of the windshield as the car rocks side-to-side, seemingly under its own volition, just looks ridiculous.
iLike Fat Ladys (gamertag)

Time well wasted
At my current stage in life I would say my passion for gaming is at an all time high, the sheer quality and variation of games available to gamers is simply mind-blowing nowadays and offer you so many variables in differing entertainment that is unavailable through other mediums. Over recent years however, I have started to resent my passion ever so slightly, as I feel guilty for dedicating so much of my spare time to playing them.

It is actually more recently I have started to realise that I may potentially even have a slight addiction problem with them when I think about it. For most of my life I have played pretty much everyday when time allows (and sometimes when it does not!) but of late I have been limiting myself to about two days a week to focus on other things. During these off-days I still get extremely tempted to fire up FIFA, or whatever else I’m into at that particular time, but I’ve been trying desperately hard to resist.

I have to be honest and say that for me very little compares to the buzz I get from gaming and so it is always an uphill battle to focus my attention elsewhere. I wondered how prevalent an issue this might be on a widespread scale or what other GameCentral readers opinions might be about it. Are we all addicts? Or do we even care or mind if we are? And should we just cut free and game away our lives without resentment? I wondered if this perhaps had the potential for a Hot Topic one weekend (can’t remember it cropping up yet) as I would be very keen to hear what others think.

Forwards compatibility
Seeing as though the official Nintendo response on these matters is often less than informative could you or any reader advise if the Wii console or it’s component cable that allows for 480p display on a HDTV upscales GameCube games? Alternatively, do you know if the Wii component cable works on an original GameCube console?

I’ve put together an impressive and rare GameCube retro collection but the one thing missing is the original component cable that Big N discontinued some time ago. These are ultra rare so if anyone has one that they’d be willing to sell that would be much appreciated.

GC: Ah, we’re not sure. We don’t have our GameCube out at the moment, but certainly Nintendo cables have always been backwards compatible in the past.

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Minor inconveniences
It surprises me how easily people are put off consoles. A few letters recently have made out that having updates and having to install games is such a pain it’s hardly worth going through in order to play a game.

Let’s get this straight, updates and installation are part and parcel of modern gaming and technology. They are what make games of the scale we are now used to possible. Old games didn’t need updates or installing because they were very simple in comparison.

If waiting a while for an update or a disk to install is the worst problem you have then count yourself lucky. If I’d showed my young self a game like GTA V and then said it would require a 30 minute installation I would of said ‘So what?’.

People act like developers have these systems in place just to annoy gamers. They don’t, they need to install games because they run better that way. They need updates because modern games are so incredibly complex there will always be unavoidable problems after launch (true, some developers are better than others in this matter).

If your deciding which console to buy based on minor inconveniences then you’ve really got your gaming priorities mixed up.

Buy which ever one has the most games you would like to play. Simple.
PS: Don’t get me started on the people who say they’re going to switch to PC due to how inconvenient consoles are. Because they never need updates or games installing apparently.

This week’s Hot Topic
The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Emmet, who asks what’s your favourite map or level in a game?

They can be either single-player or multiplayer stages, including race tracks, but they do have to be something defined by the game itself – not just a random portion you happened to like. We want to know why you enjoyed it so much and what the map did better than anything else in the same game, or other similar titles.

Do you ever feel map and level creation is an underappreciated skill and what games can you think of that suffered because of poor design? Have you ever tried to make your own maps using an editor, or games like LittleBigPlanet, and how did that turn out?

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