Gaming needs more remakes – Reader’s Feature

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F-Zero GX - would a remake be more progressive than a new game?

F-Zero GX – would a remake be more progressive than a new game?

A reader argues that one way to avoid more identitkit sequels and unambitious new IP is to remake some forgotten classics.

Having always been a GameCentral reader a few comments regarding Bayonetta in the Inbox recently have got me thinking. It is true that majority opinion rules in life. The majority of cars look the same, the majority of blockbuster films are the same (or certainly abide by the same template) and sadly, the majority of games are now the same. The only breach of these rules is by smaller independents or very established companies that sell on brand, and so can experiment.

There is a dearth of that marvellous uniqueness which we had in the 8 and 16-bit days. Everything is uniform, and the classics (save perhaps for Street Fighter) are no longer on the radar. It was interesting to see at least one comment about ‘going back to Nintendo’ to rediscover gaming. However, even they are reliant on the same intellectual properties; the biggest argument is that they do try and be inventive with them.

Destiny (which I won’t be playing as I’m not a huge fan of first person shooters) is a great example. It has a massive budget (akin to Transformers movies) and that alone has perhaps pushed it to be the game everyone wants to buy and play. Ultimately though it languishes as a middle order experience in terms of gameplay (according to the reviews). However, the Internet is abuzz about it and it is the must have thing.

Nintendo, as I have said, are now on the periphery and are doing interesting things with their IPs (Mario Kart 8 must be the best game of the last couple of years), but haven’t exactly set the world on fire with inventive uses for the GamePad. Serious racing games (which I love) have lost their verve too – better graphics doesn’t make a better game. Shoot ‘em-ups have been replaced by first person shooters. Platform games by sandbox first person shooters.

But, it isn’t just uniqueness, it is also that wanting to play one more game. Mario Kart has it, people will argue Call Of Duty has it – but where have the high scores and the time trials gone? One of my favourite PlayStation 3 games was Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (I appreciate I am now deviating into suggesting that remakes are a great idea which blows a hole in the argument!), this is a game which should be on every format and have a monthly high score competition.

I do think a remake of the GameCube and Game Boy Advance Pac-Man Vs. game would be awesome (where you could play a ghost). If we are mining for old greats, an amazing HD R-Type would be a winner, a new version of Thrust (a gravity game on the Spectrum), and HD remakes of 1080° Snowboarding, Wave Race, and F-Zero. A multiplayer Advance Wars would be nice too.

The hobby I love has changed massively, but rather like Singer Porsches (they remake old Porsches from the ground up to create a modern classic), I think there should be some proper rebuilding of classic games.

By reader Matt Entwistle

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