Hands up who’d prefer to rent their nail varnish rather than buy it?

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It’s the beauty service you didn’t even realise you needed (and quite possibly will never need). Now you can rent your varnish instead of buying it, from a Love Film-style monthly service. Err okay.

Coloristiq is the UK’s first, online, multi-brand nail polish renting service, based on a monthly subscription.

You pay £14.49 per month, which allows you to select three varnishes at a time from the online selection, which includes brands like Essie and OPI.

When you return those three – free of charge – you can choose your next selection of colours.


Try the glittery range for Halloween (Picture: Coloristiq)

Convinced yet? Hmm, we know. Barry M just feels like a lot less admin.

However, Coloristiq’s website claims that if you answer ‘yes’ to questions like these, you need this service in your life.

  1. Are you tired of buying endless bottles of nail polish to only use them a few times before they dry up?
  2. Does your bathroom look like a nail salon with some bottles that you’ve only used once?
  3. Do you secretly have a nail polish addiction and are changing colours to brighten your mood?
  4. Are you always on the hunt for the latest nail polish collections?
  5. Do you regularly throw away nail polish bottles that are still half full because you simply got bored of the colour or it got gloopy?

We’re told that bottles of varnish will be inspected before they’re dispatched so no one gets any of the gloopy stuff and you’ll basically have unlimited access to all the latest on-trend colours from high quality brands. Plus, it’s more eco-friendly.

Interesting idea but we might just keep our polish dry until they sign Chanel up. A bottle of Rouge Noir delivered to our door could just swing it.

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