Homer Simpson is apparently fuelling the obesity crisis – but what would Homer, Peter Griffin and co look like slimmed down?

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Homer Simpson does the ice bucket challenge

Homer Simpson isn’t the most athletic cartoon character….

We all know Homer Simpson is a little overweight.

But is he fuelling the obesity crisis?

One health expert thinks Homer’s setting such a bad example, he’s written a letter to Simpsons creator Matt Groening asking him to put Homer on a diet.

Steve Miller, who presented TV show Fat Families, says Homer and other fat cartoon characters suggest ‘you can be fat and happy and eat as much as you want’.

‘I don’t want people seeing Homer Simpson being fat, stuffing food in and being happy,’ he explained.

‘The reason I decided to write to him [Matt Groening] is because I want to see Homer take up a realistic regime where he is determined to be fit, healthy and happy rather than fat and happy.’

So what would Homer look like if he took the plunge and gave up the donuts? And what would other overweight characters look like if they slimmed down?

Homer Simpson – The Simpsons

If Homer gave up the donuts and the Duff beer, he probably wouldn’t even need to exercise to slim down…

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Picture: Fox

Patrick Star – Spongebob Squarepants

The jolly starfish has a bit of a podgy tummy, so would he be better if he buffed up?

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Picture: Nickelodeon

Peter Griffin – Family Guy

If he lost the paunch, would Peter Griffin be a sex god? (Spoiler: not really).

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Picture: Fox

Eric Cartman – South Park

This is just slightly unsettling.

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Picture: South Park Studios

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