How can you make transatlantic flight even more terrifying? Simple: give everyone a onesie

November 21, 2014 admin No comments


Rudimental enjoy the smooth, synthetic fibres of a Virgin Onesie (Picture: Virgin)

What could be worse than being confined for hours inside a fragile, pressurised aeroplane cabin with a bunch of strangers?

Yep – all those strangers wearing onesies, like you’ve wandered into some horrifying fetish club from which you can’t escape… without falling thousands of feet to your death.

Lovers of the furry, child-like garments will be so excited they may be tempted to join the mile high club solo on Virgin Atlantic flights – as Richard Branson is now handing them out free to all travellers.

Here he is wearing one. Now you’ll never be able to unsee that image.

Here's Richard Branson modelling one of the strokeable garments (Picture: Virgin)

Here’s Richard Branson modelling one of the strokeable garments (Picture: Virgin)

Branson says, ‘One of the most important aspects of this is ensuring guests are extremely comfortable. With that in mind, we recently introduced the world’s first airline onesies for Virgin Atlantic Upper Class passengers to wear on board selected flights.

‘They can even take them home with them afterwards. I tried one on for size myself, and can assure you they are very comfortable!’

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