‘I could smell burning flesh': Schoolboy blows off his fingertips after lighting firework in his bedroom ‘for a laugh’

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Warning: graphic images below

A schoolboy who lit an illegal firework in his bedroom ‘for a laugh’ was shocked when it unexpectedly went off – blowing off his finger tips and breaking seven bones in his hand.

Dylan Cosgrove, 15, was showing his girlfriend the fireworks in Washington, Tyne and Wear, when he decided to light one and put it out as a joke.

But when the fuse wouldn’t go out, he ran to the corner of the room and put his hand over it to try and contain the explosion as it went off – burning the tops of his fingers and smashed bones in his hand.

(Picture: YouTube)

The schoolboy said he was lighting the firework ‘for a laugh’ (Picture: YouTube)

‘I had been telling Erin I had bought some fireworks so I got one out of the box to show her. I didn’t intend to set it off, I just wanted to light it and put it out for a laugh,’ he said.

‘I quickly realised the fuse wouldn’t go out.

‘I went to the other side of the room, in a corner, and just held onto it really tight.

‘It went off. I was in complete shock. It took half my finger off and broke seven bones in my hand.’Dylan was rushed to Gateshead’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital where it was found his hand had been broken in multiple places and two tendons were snapped.

Dylan Cosgrove's injuries after a firework exploded in his hand. See swns story SWFINGER. A teenager has warned of the dangers of fireworks after a prank went spectacularly wrong. Dylan Cosgrove 15, from Blackfell in Washington,Tyne and Weir was at home with his girlfriend, Erin Easton, when he lit a banger in his right hand he panicked and tried to put it out, but it exploded, blowing off the top of one of his fingers and breaking his hand in seven places.He needed four hours of surgery to help repair the damage he knows he made a mistake and is now urging other youngsters not to mess with fireworks. Fire chiefs have said the bangers were later found to be illegal fireworks.

Dylan will have permanent damage despite surgery (Picture: SWNS)

Despite four-and-a-half hours of surgery, he will have permanent damage.

However Dylan, who bought the firework as part of a set for just £1 from a friend, said he was ‘extremely lucky’ and admitted it could have been much worse.

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‘I even put it to my mouth to try to put it out,’ he said of the incident.

‘That was crazy when I think about what could have happened if it had exploded in my face.’

His parents have destroyed the remaining fireworks and called for tougher restrictions on how people purchase fireworks.

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