‘I want her face': Woman tearfully wishes she was Nicki Minaj after operation

October 24, 2014 admin No comments

Coming round from surgery used to mean family members doting on you with sweets and flowers, however now they just film you make an idiot of yourself and upload the evidence to Youtube.

Jayci Underwood had been given a pretty strong anaesthetic during her dental operation, and it clearly stirred some deep-seated emotions.

After waking up she goes on a tearful tirade about how much she admires ‘Micki Minaj’ (presumably she means Nicki Minaj) and how she ‘just wanted to be her when I woke up’.

‘I just wanted to have her butt, and her face,’ she says.

In her doped-up state she even manages to make the insightful observation that Ellen Degeneres is so nice because she has the word ‘generous’ in her name (sort of).

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The pop-culture references keep coming, as Jayci says her lip ‘feels the size of Jay-Z’.

She then ponders if Beyonce would like her if she looked like the Jiggerman, before completing the circle and coming back to wishing she was ‘Micki Minaj’ again.

Things get a bit more off-the-wall when she tells her boyfriend, who is obviously filmed the whole incident, that she can’t open her eyes, despite the fact she is staring directly at him.

Nicki Minaj and Lil' Kim have had their feuds (Picture: Mike Windle/Getty)

Deep down, don’t we all want to be like her? (Picture: Mike Windle/Getty)

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