‘I’m burning my Florida mom doll in protest': Bryan Cranston has his say over Breaking Bad action figure petition

October 21, 2014 admin No comments

Breaking Bad doll Toys R Us

We’re not sure this would sit comfortably on the shelf next to the Barbies (Picture: Toys ‘r’Us)

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston has hit back at a petition to have a set of Breaking Bad action figures removed from the shelves of Toys ‘r’ Us – and he did so in inspired fashion.

The figures, which depict show favourites Walter White (and yes, he does come with his own detachable bag of crystal meth) and Jesse Pinkman, are currently on sale in US branches of the store.

But even though they’re labelled as not suitable for children, and sold in the ‘adult action figure’ section of the store, that’s still not enough for Florida mother Susan Schrijver, who’s set up a petition for them to be removed.

So far her petition, on Change.org, has received over 4,000 signatures from similar enraged patrons.

But judging from this reaction, we’re not sure Cranston is going to be among them.

Toys R Us Breaking bad figures

Complete with its own bag of crystal meth (Picture: Toys ‘r’Us)

Schrijver has even gone as far as to take her case to TV, telling US show Today she was ‘shocked and appalled’ by the toys.

‘I think they need to look at their visions and values as they call them,’ she told Today. ‘Anything to do with drugs is not doing the right thing.’

Toys R Us Breaking bad figures

Finish off your collection with the Jesse Pinkman doll (Picture: Toys ‘r’ Us)

Those signing her petition obviously feel the same way, with one commenting that they were ‘totally inappropriate’ for a kids’ store.

Another added: ‘This product glorifies drug use and makes it fun and normal.’

A Toys ‘r’Us spokesperson has since pointed out that ‘the packaging clearly notes the items are intended for ages 15 and up’.

Possibly not one to wrap up under the Christmas tree next to the Peppa Pig toys then…

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