Is this the ultimate Star Wars prank? ‘Darth Vader’ tricks office workers with light sabre battles

November 22, 2014 admin No comments

If Darth Vader suddenly walked in to your office and started waging light sabre war against his opponents, what would you do?

Well, this particular video from YouTube prankster Remi Gaillard may go some way to answering that question – as a number of unsuspecting citizens find themselves slap bang in the middle of Star Wars action.

There’s the office worker, for example, who can’t seem to quite get her head round R2-D2 wandering in to the building to warn her the Dark Lord of the Sith is on his way.

And let’s not forget the reaction of the man who gets a light sabre-shaped surprise in an underground car park.

But perhaps the best bit comes from the woman who just wanted to get in to a lift when this happened:


Oh hi there. (Picture: YouTube)

OK so it’s fairly obvious – even to those involved – that they are basically being pranked by Gaillard.

But that doesn’t make the clip – which has been viewed almost 750,000 times in 24 hours – any less entertaining for it.

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