Is your lingerie drawer complete without this sexy cat kit?

October 20, 2014 admin No comments

(Picture: Felissimo)

Just hanging out, with my tail on (Picture: Felissimo)

Some people like very specific things in the bedroom, don’t they?

Were you aware that you can buy cat-themed underwear?

Just to clarify – not cute undies with pics of cats on, oh no, of course you know about that.

And, despite Halloween coming up I’m not talking about any kind of sexy cat/ Catwoman get up.

This is a whole other kettle of catnip.

(Picture: Felissimo)

It’s Salem’s long-lost cousin! (Picture: Felissimo)

You can buy undies with detachable ‘cat’ tails.

Don’t ask me, I don’t sell this stuff.

(Picture: Felissimo)

Not complete without the tail, right? (Picture: Felissimo)

These undies come from Japanese lingerie site Felissimo.

Look, there’s even a special bit of pant material that lets you tie your detachable tail on –

(Picture: Felissimo)

Simple (Picture: Felissimo)

You can also buy cat socks, cat hats and cat headbands.

(Picture: Felissimo)

Ears to dressing up like a cat (Picture: Felissimo)

So, is this a cat meme too far or just what we’ve all been waiting for?

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