James Bond’s laser watch is now real (but may not be THAT safe)

November 21, 2014 admin No comments


Careful now, Mr Bond (Picture: Patrick Priebe)

The laser watch was always one of James Bond’s best gadgets – it was just a pity it featured in Never Say Never Again, the dismal film where a fat Sean Connery returned to action aged 52 and battled a super-villain by, er, playing a video game.

But one Bond fan has actually gone and made a watch that performs pretty much exactly as Bond’s laser-cutting Rolex – and as Q might say, ‘This is not a toy’.

Patrick Priebe’s Bond-inspired laser watch is so powerful it can light candles and set fire to curtains with its 1,500-milliwatt laser, or, if you’re using the dangerous tool at a children’s party, it can also pop balloons.

Priebe made it with a machined metal body, LED watch module, and a battery which lasts five to ten minutes with the laser on full power.

It isn’t being put up for sale for now, according to Priebe, but if someone asked him for one he’d charge around £200.

Schmall change, Mish Moneypennny.

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