Look, no zips! The Trunkster suitcase is accessed through an actual sliding door

November 21, 2014 admin No comments


He could be a Secret Service agent we just don’t know (Picture: Trunkster/Kickstarter)

Luggage just got really sexy.

The Trunkster is a zipperless suitcase with ‘intelligent’ features including a removable USB charger pack with up to 9 hours of charge, and a built-in digital scale – no more unpacking all your undies at the check-in desk. Whoop.

It’s also GPS enabled which means you can track it anywhere in the world the next time Terminal 5 loses it.

But, why are we even bothering with the other features?

Because all you can see is the INCREDIBLE SLIDING DOOR. No longer do you have to wrestle with zips because your case will just slide open at the touch of a button.


I mean, the entire contents of your suitcase are now on view but you still look like some sort of crazy kick-ass spy so that’s fine.

It also has a secret compartment for your spy travel essentials (Tic Tacs?). Standard.


There are two Trunkster models available through Kickstarter, where the case has already received almost three times its original $50,000 fundraising target with more than 50 days to go.

The small carry-on bag (22 inches x 14 x 9) retails at about $500 (£320), while a larger suitcase (27 inches x 19 x 11) retails at $600 (£383).

Pre-order now and they’ll ship in August. Told you it was sexy.

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