Lorry carrying animal waste ‘splatters schoolchildren with blood and guts’

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Lilly Tomkinson-Hulme and Lydia Hopwood

Lilly Tomkinson-Hulme and Lydia Hopwood, both aged 11 (Picture: News Team)

Many of us can remember being splashed with water while waiting for the bus but few would have been hit with ‘blood and guts’ like these two school children were.

Lilly Tomlinson-Hulme and Lydia Hopwood, both aged 11, were forced to return home from classes on Thursday covered in bits of animal carcass and ‘smelling of blood and cow’.

The girls had been waiting for a bus in Weston Coyney, Staffordshire, when they were splattered by a lorry carrying animal waste after it it hit a speed bump.

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Weston Road near to the Weston Coyney

Weston Road near to the Weston Coyney Road junction in Stoke, where the girls were splattered with blood and guts (Picture: News Team)

‘We were waiting for the bus when a really smelly truck came past,’ said Lily.

‘I felt this splash of cold, it felt like water. There were stains on me that looked like blood.

‘When I got to school my friends said I stank of blood and cow. I was a bit embarrassed. I felt sick all day.’

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Both of the children’s mums were angry at what happened and thought something needed to be done.

‘It was awful. I got a phone call from the school to say my daughter was covered in blood on her hands and face. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing,’ added Claire Hulme.

‘If children are getting hit with blood when they are waiting for a bus then something needs to be done about it.’

In total three children from Moorside High School were hit by the waste.

An investigation has now been launched by Staffordshire County Council and a local animal rendering firm into the incident.

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