Luckiest golfer in the world makes one-in-a-million shot

October 23, 2014 admin No comments

Golf isn’t the most dynamic of sports, however one-in-a-million luck can make anything more exciting.

Keen golfer Greg was on the 9th hole of his game and was all set for an easy win, so he decided to up the stakes a bit by sending his ball on the ‘scenic route’.

Either Greg has a Tiger Woods-like understanding of golf, or he is just the luckiest person in Scotland.

After tapping the ball 20 metres in the wrong direction, the Highland winds send it back to the green and straight into the hole.

All Greg and his friend can do is scream and celebrate (when clearly they should have been rushing off to buy lottery tickets to capitalise on their luck).

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Celebrate all you want Gre, that will never happen again (Picture: Youtube)

Celebrate all you want Gre, that will never happen again (Picture: Youtube)

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