Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD season 2, episode 1: It’s even bigger but who survived the first episode?

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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD season 2, episode 1

SHIElD is back and better than season 1 apparently (Picture: AMC)

SHIELD might be smaller these days, but Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD season two is bigger than ever – in all possible senses. Bigger cast, bigger villains, bigger explosions.

There’s a new dynamic to get used to, with Coulson up in the big office and a new band of mercenaries squashed in with our SHIELD heroes, and there are plenty of new questions asked right up front, not to mention some great comic book call-backs.


What does Ward know about Skye’s father?

A last minute twist in the finale revealed that Skye’s dad is still alive, and now it seems Ward knows all about him. Looks like Daddy Dearest will play a significant part in the series.

And, for that matter, can anything Ward says be believed?

He is an expert spy, after all. He can lie better than anyone else. But in this episode, at least, he seems to be telling the truth.

Is Fitz’s brain damage irreparable?

It was heartbreaking to watch the poor scientist struggle along, painfully feeling the loss of his genius. Might the SHIELD crew find some sort of artefact that can help him?

Where’s Simmons?

The reveal, in the closing moments, that Simmons is a figment of Fitz’s imagination was cleverly handled. But where’s the real Simmons? Is she one of the people who went into the private sector, as Coulson said with such disdain? For now, I guess FitzSimmons is just one person.

Is Isabelle Hartley dead already?

That car crash was nasty, especially when you’re already losing blood from a maimed arm. Could this be a case of the producers teasing us with Lucy Lawless, then ripping the rug out from under us?

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Comic Connections

Agent Carter

The opening scene was essentially a trailer for Agent Carter, the Captain America TV spin-off staring Hayley Atwell as Agent Peggy Carter, one of the founders of SHIELD. The sequence also featured cameos from Dum Dum Dugan and Jim Morita, both from Captain America: The First Avenger. On the basis of that scene, I can’t wait to see Agent Carter when it premiers later this year.

The Absorbing Man

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD season 2, episode 1: The Absorbing Man aka carl Crusher Creel played by Brian Patrick Wade

The Absorbing Man aka Carl Crusher Creel played by Brian Patrick Wade (Picture: AMC)

Carl ‘Crusher’ Creel’s comic book alter ego got a namecheck in a fun bit of dialogue. Originally a Thor villain who got his powers when Loki tricked him into drinking a magic potion (that Loki, eh?), he varies between being a two-bit criminal and a serious threat.

Daniel Whitehall

The very long-lived Hydra agent, played by Reed Diamond, is known as Kraken in the comics, and has a particular skill for nurturing young, evil talent and training up the next generation of Hydra agents.

Lance Hunter

The new British Agent first appeared in Captain Britain, and was the Director of STRIKE, SHIELD’s UK counterpart. Perhaps Coulson’s mention of finding allies in London will bring more British Marvel characters into the show?

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