‘Miracle’ dog rescued from brink of death survived on rocks and twigs

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(Picture: Facebook)

Alex was found terrified, emaciated and ‘close to death’ (Picture: Facebook)

The survival of a dog that was found weighing just 43lbs and eating twigs and rocks to stay alive has been described as a ‘miracle’ by his rescuers.

Alex was terrified, emaciated and ‘close to death’ when he was found wandering the streets of New Orleans with his bones visible through his skin.

But thanks to the work of a local animal control centre and a rescue organisation, Alex appears to be making a recovery.

(Picture: Facebook)

X-rays of Alex’ stomach revealed he had been eating twigs and rocks (Picture: Facebook)

‘He was still so nice and sweet and forgiving despite, obviously, the neglect he has suffered for some time,’ said Deanna Theis, the assistant director of the Southern Animal Foundation, who rescued Alex after seeing him on the website of a local animal control group and realising he would be euthanised.

‘How he is still alive at this point is pretty much a miracle.

‘He was extremely close to death.’

Alex is now on a prescription diet to help him gain weight (Picture: Facebook)

Alex is now on a prescription diet to help him gain weight (Picture: Facebook)

Ms Theis, whose organisation has a no-kill policy, had Alex x-rayed, revealing that he had nothing but twigs and rocks in his stomach, which had also flipped in his torso.

Alex has now been put on a prescription diet in the hope that he will gain weight.

They will then try to find him a home.

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