New glow in the dark roads turn driving into a scene out of Tron

October 24, 2014 admin No comments

Engineers have brought mankind one step closer to the future by creating road lighting that could have come straight out of Tron.

The Smart Highways, created by Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde and Hejmans Infrastructure, are fitted with luminous strips that absorb light during the day and glow at night to mark the road out.

Not only do they look really cool and increase road safety, but they are also energy neutral, requiring absolutely no electricity to power them.

The futuristic looking roadways are currently being trialled on one section of road in the Netherlands, however the creators hope they will son be able to expand internationally.

Daan said of his design: ‘The panes make landscapes which are energy neutral and on the other hand incredibly beautiful.’

The creators also hope the design will be attractive to national parks and other areas of natural beauty, because they can increase road safety without the having to install ugly street lights.

It doesn’t matter that you still drive a banged-up old ford Fiesta, think how cool you will feel driving on a road that looks like Tron.

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MORE: Tron Guy banned from wearing costume to watch TRON: Legacy


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