One man’s proposal was rejected because his penis is too small, and now he’s made a film about it

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Patrick discussed whether penis size really matters (Picture: ITV)

US comedian Patrick Moote appeared on This Morning to discuss whether penis size really matters.

Patrick was inspired to make a documentary after a video of him proposing to his girlfriend of 8 months at a basketball game – and her turning him down – went viral.

Moote then asked his girlfriend why she rejected him, and she said it was because he was ‘too small’ for her.

When asked why on earth he would go public about this sort of thing, he explained: ‘It’s how I’ve dealt with my insecurities my entire life. It seemed like a natural way to deal with it.’

His film Unhung Hero, released in America last year, sees him travelling the world testing out various penis enlargement procedures. But did he find what he was looking for or did he feel shafted?

‘Personally it didn’t work for me’ he admitted.

‘It takes a lot of commitment. I started to become insecure about how insecure I was.

‘The film has helped me understand more about myself and understanding my insecurities. If I fix [one] then what’s next? It’s a domino effect.

‘Personally it was a lot less work to just accept it than it was to try and fix it.’

So does size really matter? Patrick thinks the answer to that is yes and no.

‘When we started the film I was on a personal mission to prove it doesn’t, but after I can say that it does. About 50/50′ he told hosts Phillip Schofield and Amanda Holden.

‘The idea that men have of what is average is skewed through pornography and the way it’s talked about in the media.

‘With women, if your breasts are too small then everyone knows. With men it’s like this little secret. No one wants to talk about it.’

Patrick's film, Unhung Hero, sees him test out penis enlargement procedures around the world (Picture: ITV)

Patrick’s film, Unhung Hero, sees him test out penis enlargement procedures around the world (Picture: ITV)

Of course the film has made him a bit of a famous face, but Patrick has no problem with people knowing that his manhood is below average.

He explained: ‘People point me out when I’m walking around, but it’s okay. Once you embrace something that’s your insecurity, it takes the arsenal away from people who would use it against you. I’m cool with it now.’

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