Peep Show returns for final series: 21 times we realised we were definitely Mark

October 24, 2014 admin No comments

Peep Show is returning for its final series and no-one is less excited than the Mark Corrigans of this world, who already know how it’s going to end: with bad things happening to good people, who will inevitably end up sat alone on the sofa resignedly taping back together the Megatron.

The real beauty of Peep Show is the way in which it gradually teaches you more about yourself. Specifically, that you are a socially uncomfortable, neurotic Mark of this world, rather than a feckless, senselessly optimistic Jeremy.

Here are 21 times we resigned ourselves to being Mark Corrigans.

1. When we agreed that everything was going to be awful forever

2. When we were disappointed that pop-song lyrics turned out to be flighty and insubstantial

3. When we shed our illusions about being social butterflies

4. When we felt an irrational superiority in concealing our ill-ease in a social situation

5. When we realised we weren’t fooling anybody

6. When we got cross when other people broke the rules. Like the rules of language. And sense.

7. When we developed a strong, justified cynicism when it comes to love and other fairy tales

8. When our relationships never quite got off the ground

9. When our inner nutters could not be suppressed

10. When we too learnt to trust no one, because most people are awful

11. When we did not appreciate drama

12. When we did appreciate that getting a job is hard, but that it’s a lot harder if you don’t like working

13. When we attempted to prepare others for real life

14. When we immediately saw orgies for the impractical and messy anti-climaxes they most probably are

15. When we realised we were surrounded mostly by idiots with dangerous ideas

16. When we chose a non-alcoholic form of relief after a bad day

17. When we failed to see the value in self assurance

18. When we realised that we couldn’t live on love alone

19. When we accepted early on that unhappiness is a necessary side effect of sanity

20. When we were impossibly caught in between the desire to make things matter, and the knowledge that nothing matters (and we immediately conceded.)

21. When we were fully prepared to compromise physical and social comfort for emotional respite

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