Pre-tweet service rids your Twitter and Facebook posts of all those really annoying words – like, amazeballs

October 21, 2014 admin No comments

Tweet final

Click to enlarge: All the words you hate in a nice word cloud (Picture: Metro)

It promises to be a godsend for social media users everywhere.

A new pre-tweet service, launched today, will strip all the irritating abbreviations, phrases and words out of your social media posts before you share your sanguine thoughts with your followers.


The service, which is free, checks draft tweets against a database of several hundred phrases identified as highly annoying by research carried out among 500 ‘avid’ social media users.

These words and phrases were described by one user as ‘the digital equivalent of chewing ice or chalk on a blackboard.’

The hall of shame includes ‘amazeballs’, ‘awesome’, ‘awks’, ‘bantz’, ‘holibobs’, ‘random’, ‘just saying’, ‘omg’, ‘totes’ ‘ledge’ ‘so that’s a thing’ and many, many more.

The idea follows the success of another service created by Houston PR,, which hacks jargon and buzzwords out of press releases.

If you want to avail of the service, head to the website

You can even suggest your own annoying words to be added to the website by emailing or just let us know below.

So, what do you reckon? Are these words the worst or are you quite fond of the odd abbreviation? We’re totes on the fence.

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