Queen tweets first message and Twitter responds just as everyone could have predicted

October 24, 2014 admin No comments

Queen, tweet

The Queen tweeted for the first time (Picture: AFP/Getty Images)

If the Queen thought she’d receive a royal welcome on Twitter after posting her first message, she may want to think again.

Rather than bend their knee and welcome her royal highness, her not particularly loyal subjects decided to make their real feelings felt.

Here are the top seven replies to her first tweet.

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1. This supporter forewarned the onslaught of bile that was headed the Queen’s way but to be fair, it doesn’t take much to predict abuse is on the horizon on Twitter.

2. There was a typical tweeter who questioned the legitimacy of the message in a very unsubtle way.

3. Another commenter was pretending to be welcoming by speaking the Queen’s English but of course, he was just taking the mick. He won’t be getting his knighthood anytime soon.

4. Republicans had their say.

5. Holy Moly wrote what most of us were thinking but didn’t say because we thought we had to be more creative with our insults.

6. Her parody Twitter account @Queen_UK was unhappy because it had been upstaged but tried to disguise this in a humorous tweet.

Despite this we could sense the tears streaming down the face of the teenager who was probably behind the fake account.

7. This was a keen observation and we wouldn’t put it past her royal highness.

MORE: Queen gives Twitter royal stamp of approval with first tweet

MORE: Queen tweets first message and Twitter responds just as everyone could have predicted

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