Restaurant manager ‘apologises’ to homophobic customers for gay waiter

November 21, 2014 admin No comments

Warning: Includes homophobic language

(Picture: ABC 13)

The offending note by customers unhappy with a gay waiter in their vicinity (Picture: ABC 13)

A restaurant has become embroiled in a homophobic controversy after its manager apologised to customers who wrote a note on a receipt stating ‘Don’t want to listen to a faggot through my whole meal.’

The note was aimed at 19-year-old waiter, Blake Butler, who was not only disgusted by the note but also by his manager’s reaction.

He told ABC 13: ‘I just thought it was disgusting.

‘Instead of having my back and be like, you know, “That’s my employee. I can’t have you talking about my employees like that,” she was like, “Oh, It’s okay, I’m sorry”.’

The owner of Kelley’s Country Cookin’ in Houston, Texas told reporters that he would have confronted the homophobic customers, but that the manager had found herself in an uncomfortable situation.

Mr Butler said the incident forced him to come out to his family, who were previously unaware he was gay.

‘I came out to my parents today because I didn’t want them to find out on the news,’ he said. ‘Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion, but instead of leaving the opinion out for everyone to see, just keep it to yourself.’

(Picture: ABC 13)

Kelley’s Country Cookin’ in Houston, Texas(Picture: ABC 13)

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