Secrets of the Living Dolls: These men don rubber suits for an even stranger reason than you might think

October 21, 2014 admin No comments

Warning: contains strong language

These men like dressing up in rubber to become female human dolls. Standard.

If you ever thought you were quirky dying your hair a different colour, putting a flesh tunnel in your ear, or dressing like someone out of the 40s you ain’t seen nothing yet.

These guys actually wrap themselves up in rubber suits to become walking, talking – female – human dolls.

As you do.

You would definitely not be blamed for rubber-necking if one of these guys walked past you on the street, but that’s exactly why they stay behind closed doors.

Channel 4’s the Secrets of Living Dolls looks at the men, AKA ‘maskers’, who spend hundreds on looking like a doll, and keeping it one big secret. For some, even their families don’t know. And there’s surprisingly a lot of them.

Secrets of the Living Dolls

At first you might think you’ll have a good LOL at these people who would rather dress up as a doll behind closed doors than be a human being outside, but then you realise what’s really going on. These guys are actually pretty brave.

There are some serious lessons to be learned from them, like:

1. What a masker is. Someone who likes wearing a mask, obvs.

2. That they’re just normal people. Kind of. Sort of. Not really. But almost.

3. The people who make these things aren’t weird either. That’s disappointing, considering they spend their days making fake lady gardens.

Secrets of the Living Dolls

4. There is nothing freaker than seeing a masker talk when their lips don’t move

5. Correction, there is nothing freaker than seeing them naked (they have full on lady bits, as above)


6. They look better in a bikini than us

7. They still manage to get girlfriends and it’s pretty impressive/depressing for the singletons of the world

8. It’s surprisingly big business, given that company FemSkin are struggling to keep up with demand

9. They’re braver than you’d ever imagine, with some deciding to actually go out in public. Obviously the reaction is pretty extreme, but it’s a lesson in not being afraid of who you are

MORE: Neighbours: Chris Milligan says he'll get naked for TV. Winner.

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