Stephen Gately’s family to hire private investigator in new probe into Boyzone singer’s death

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File photo dated 8/4/2009 of Stephen Gately. A complaint that a newspaper comment piece about the Boyzone star's death was 'inaccurate', 'intrusive' and 'discriminatory' was not upheld, the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) said today. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Thursday February 18, 2010. See PA story MEDIA Gately. Photo credit should read: Ian West/PA Wire

Stephen Gately died in 2009 (Picture: PA Wire)

Stephen Gately’s family are to hire a private investigator as part of a new probe into the tragic death of the Boyzone singer.

Gately died from an undetected heart condition five years ago while he was on holiday in Majorca with his husband Andrew Cowles.

But his family, who no longer have any contact with Cowles and are in battle with him over Gately’s estate, still have unanswered questions and want to get to the bottom of what really happened to Stephen, who was 33 on the night he died.

‘Only two people really know what went on the night he died,’ his brother Tony, 32, told The Sun. ‘They are his husband Andrew and a Bulgarian guy, Georgi, who was invited to their apartment. Neither of them have fully explained to me what happened.

‘We are looking at getting a private investigator once his estate is settled.’


Stephen was in boyband Boyzone (Picture: Alamy)

Gately had been found slumped on a sofa in his apartment after having visited nighclub Black Cat with Andrew where they met model Georgi Dochey who they took back to their apartment to smoke cannabis with at 5.30am.

The singer had not written a will and despite having a £3.3million fortune, only £1.5million remained after debts and taxes were paid.

The £1.5million fortune is expected to largely go to Andrew with the remainder going to his parents.

However, Tony claims that Andrew is trying to keep all of Stephen’s possessions despite the family wanting their own sentimental keepsakes.

‘Andy has put a price on every single item that we’ve asked for. Those things are tarnished now,’ Tony added. ‘There was a gold bracelet that our brother Mark got Stephen and his solicitor is now asking £7,000 for it. It only cost around £2,000 in the first place.’

Tony added: ‘Stephen was everything to me. He was my older brother, I looked up to him so much.’

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