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#InThe90sIThought is trending and it’s the best hashtag ever

June 11, 2015 admin No comments

#InThe90sIThought is trending and it’s the best hashtag ever Want some 90s nostalgia? (Picture: Twitter) #InThe90sIThought is currently trending on Twitter and it’s the Best. Hashtag. Ever. It’s a virtual walk down memory lane. So, let’s take it back to a time when Zac and Kelly were still together, when people wore high-waisted baggy blue denim like it was the bomb, and no one could fit their s*dding Discman in their pocket. Also, can we all take a moment to remember SM:TV’s Wonky Donky? Gone but never forgotten. When you went camping in France and brought these back to deal in the playground.  #InThe90sIThought these were drugs ….. #pez […] Read more →

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