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Neighbourhood watch: Tonbridge

November 21, 2014 admin No comments

Neighbourhood watch: Tonbridge Tonbridge Castle (Pic: supplied) Metro moves south east to a commuter town that’s finally holding its own, by Andrea Dean Setting the scene Tonbridge is perched on the River Medway, halfway between central London and the coast, and four miles north of Tunbridge Wells. Comparisons are often made between the two towns, with Tonbridge regarded as slightly scruffier and less stuffy. Fast becoming a highly desirable place to live, it boasts a long history, a 900-year-old castle and excellent schools. These include fee-paying Tonbridge School, founded in 1553, and three grammars: The Judd, Tonbridge Grammar and Weald of Kent. Snooping […] Read more →

23 totally random things which made us realise someone wasn’t ‘The One’

October 24, 2014 admin No comments

23 totally random things which made us realise someone wasn’t ‘The One’ Aidan’s lurking would have put us right off (Picture: HBO) It’s not that we’re really fussy, it’s just that sometimes it’s the little things that count. 1. They didn’t like hummus 2. They pronounced rosé ‘rose’, like the flower 3. They didn’t do drugs 4. They did too many drugs 5. They walked really, unbelievably slowly 6. They bought their baby nephew trainers for Christmas in a non-ironic way 7. They didn’t drink coffee 8. They didn’t get sarcasm (but they thought they did, which made it even worse) 9. They once described your style as ‘kooky’ 10. When you […] Read more →

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