The internet loves this man’s angry vines about traffic jams

November 22, 2014 admin No comments

(Warning: Includes expletives)

No-one likes traffic jams, going nowhere and missing appointments but do we hate it as much as this vine ‘celebrity’?

Arthur Wallace is a truck driver from North London, so using the ever jammed up M25 everyday must be a contributing factor to his anger issues.

While he has expressed appreciation for his celebrity, this ‘big viner’ told Buzzfeed: ‘Obviously I’d like to earn some money out of it, that would be nice.’

In these six second Vine clips he has struck a chord with millions of brits as he targets learner drivers, slow moving B roads and of course being at a standstill.

Here is another video highlighting the waste of new cars in the UK:

And another:

He does produce clips regarding non-Traffic related pieces such as the love he holds for his Xbox:

The following (slightly happier) viral video apparently shows how the British take a shower:

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We’ve all experienced this on the M25 (Picture: Peter Nicholls/Reuters)

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