The X Factor 2014: Yes, Stevi Ritchie was once an aspiring game show host, as this video proves

October 24, 2014 admin No comments

If Stevi Ritchie’s dad-dancing ways don’t see him through to the final of The X Factor, then he could always have his career as a budding game show host to look back on.

In fact he has the chance to show off his presenting talents in this video from last summer – in which he acts as the host of his very own YouTube effort Stevie Ritchie’s Street Quiz (and yes, that is an additional ‘e’ on the end of his name).

Stevi Ritchie The Street Quiz

Oh come on Stevi, it can’t be that bad (Picture: YouTube)

The ensuing clip features our intrepid performer roaming the streets of Cranbrook in Kent, before pitting two random members of the public in a general knowledge quiz against each other – with big prizes on offer.

Well, by ‘general knowledge quiz’ we mean they’re asked two questions each, and by ‘big prizes’ we mean ‘a tenner stuffed in to an envelope’ – but the sentiment is there.

Step aside Alan Partridge. We think you may have a rival…

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