‘These are my children': Cat-loving model admits she’d rather share her bed with her pampered pets than with a man

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Tabby Miles favours felines over male company (Picture: ITV)

We love cats. You may well love cats too. But this woman loves them so much that she’s taken her devotion to new extremes – even putting her pets ahead of finding love.

Speaking to Philip Schofield and Amanda Holden on This Morning, model Tabby Miles revealed that there just isn’t room in her bed for a man, because she’s too busy sharing it with pampered kitties Foxy and Wolfie.

She even brought them on to the show with her. We have officially melted in to a puddle of cuteness:

This Morning

(Picture: ITV)

And she explained that the cats – who she described as ‘my children’ – take centre stage in every aspect of their life, having spent around £4000 on them in the past year alone.

‘If I had more money I’d probably spoil them more,’ she said.

‘I don’t really consider the money that I spent on them, it’s more like the time and the love that they have and all the attention.’

Meanwhile we couldn’t help but be struck by the fact that the pair have even more sweaters in their wardrobe than we do:

This Morning

(Picture: ITV)

Tabby – who even goes so far as to communicate with her pets in a form of ‘cat speak’ – admitted she ‘doesn’t have much of a love life’ but that her feline obsession does get in the way of her finding herself a man.

‘If I met someone and they can’t cope with the love I have for my cats then there won’t be a second date,’ she declared.

‘I don’t think it goes down that well but I haven’t been out with real animal lovers anyway. If it happens, it happens.

‘But then again,’ she considered, ‘I wouldn’t mind meeting a nice vet.’

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