This smart frying pan ensures you cook the perfect steak every single time

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The future’s already here – though we’re not sure this picture is doing the pan any credit (Picture: Pantelligent/Kickstarter)

Want to make a steak so juicy, plump and delicious that it makes you weep a little?

Well, this new smart frying pan promises to deliver professional chef standard meals every time – or at least as good as mum makes them.

Pantelligent (groan) is the frying pan that helps you cook, using temperature control to ensure even the most hopeless cooks can make the perfect meal every time.

‘Cooking takes too much time and energy. And the result is not always amazing,’ starts the Kickstarter promo vid for Pantelligent. Yep, he had us at ‘too much time’.

The key is in the pan’s in-built temperature sensor which connects wirelessly with the Pantelligent smartphone app.

First, you scroll through the app and choose what you want to eat. 

Gif 1

Then, you assemble the ingredients and read the handy tips before hitting ‘Start Cooking’.

Pan 1

The app will then tell you how hot the pan is, what the optimum temperature should be, when to add ingredients, and even when to stir and flip. Just follow the app’s alerts and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Gif 2

Then, while you’re catching a few minutes of Jake Wood doing a rhumba on Strictly, it messages you to let you know your dinner’s ready.

Salmon pic 2


The pan, created by amateur chef Humberto Evans, has almost met its fundraising target of $30,000. But, you can still pre-order one here for $199 (£127) with delivery (an extra £19 to the UK) expected in August 2015.

And then you can get cracking on that perfectly cooked Chilean sea bass you’ve always wanted.

Sea Bass

(Picture: Pantelligent/Kickstarter)

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