When does Geordie Shore season 9 start?

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Charlotte Crosby and Gaz Beadle Geordie Shore series 9

Charlotte Crosby and Gaz Beadle rekindle their romance in series 9 (Picture: MTV)

Geordie Shore’s ninth run is finally upon us and we literally cannot wait.

The new series kicks off Tuesday night at 10pm on MTV and we totally believe the cast when they say it’s going to be the best season yet.

So what do we know about what’s in store so far?

  • Charlotte and Gaz get back together. WOOP WOOP!!!
  • Kyle and Holly get together.
  • Aaron and Marnie get together.
  • The gang take their antics to Somerset AND Paris. Ooer.
  • Vicky is appointed Queen Vicky and serves as Anna’s second in command. She decides who goes to work with whom but continues to live in the Geordie Shore house with the rest.
  • Vicky has blonde hair and it looks pretty sh*t.
  • The trailer looks awesome:

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And if you can’t quite remember where we left off in season eight, here’s what you missed…

Aaron (Gaz’s best friend outside of the shoe) and Kyle (Marnie’s best friend outside of the show) joined the Geordie Shore crew. Aaron made a play for Holly before moving on to Vicky before eventually deciding he fancied Marnie. Unfortunately, Marnie was getting it on with Gaz (after hooking up with Scott in series seven) and was therefore out of bounds because it would be a breach of the ‘lad code’.

HOWEVER, Marnie then decided she fancied Aaron, not Gaz, and so revealed to the group that Gaz had failed to abide by the lad code when he slept with her the night after she and Scott called time on their short-lived romance. Shocked by Gaz’s deceit, Scott went ballistic. Aaron also went ballistic and Gaz hung his head in shame for a bit before necking on with Vicky. TWICE.

Meanwhile, Kyle cracked on with Holly, Gaz and Charlotte became mates again and James stuck to the sidelines.

The end.

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