Why Sir Alex Ferguson is wrong to say David Moyes’ appointment at Manchester United was professional

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FILE - This Saturday, April 5, 2014 file photo shows Manchester United's manager David Moyes during their English Premier League soccer match against Newcastle United at St James' Park, Newcastle, England. Moyes was fired as Manchester United manager on Tuesday, April 22, 2014, paying the price for the club's spectacular and sudden decline in his 10 months in charge since replacing Alex Ferguson.(AP Photo/Scott Heppell, File) AP Photo/Scott Heppell, File

David Moyes’ time at Man United was seriously bad (Picture: Getty)

Sir Alex Ferguson has updated his autobiography to add details of David Moyes’ disastrous season as Manchester United manager.

The decision to appoint Moyes was widely criticised at the time, given the former Everton chief had no experience of winning trophies, managing world-class players or competing in the Champions League.

However, Ferguson championed the fellow Scot and believed that he was up to the task of continuing his incredible work at the club.

Some people were keen to insist there were similarities between Ferguson and Moyes though and that the appointment was refreshing.

You only have to look at the success Ferguson achieved with Aberdeen before joining United to realise that comparisons were wildly inaccurate though.

When Ferguson and Moyes revealed details behind the appointment, the shock only intensified, with it becoming apparent that no interview had taken place.

It was a strange situation. I had no idea whatsoever until Sir Alex gave me a call and asked me to come to his house. I was expecting him to say, ‘I’m going to take one of your players’ or something else. I went in and the first thing he said to me was, ‘I’m retiring’. I said, ‘When?’ because he was never retiring, and he said, ‘Next week!’ His next words were, ‘You’re the next Manchester United manager’. I didn’t get the chance to say yes or no. As you can imagine, the blood drained from my face. I was shocked.

Ferguson has taken to defend the decision to appoint Moyes in his updated book though, insisting that everything was done in a professional manner.

There appears to be an accepted view out there that there was no process. Nonsense. We feel we did everything the right way: quietly, thoroughly, professionally.

Whilst it is completely understandable that Ferguson wants to distance himself from the disaster, it’s hard to understand how he can claim there was anything “thorough” or “professional” about Moyes’ appointment.

Applying for a job and being interviewed are surely the very basics of a professional appointment. For Moyes to be named manager of Manchester United without even having to explain to his future employers why he think he would do well in the job is insane.

Professional? Thorough? For any other person in any other field of work to be presented with a job in such a manner would be considered ludicrous.

Replacing Ferguson was arguably the biggest football appointment of all time and for it to be conducted in such a way, with the former manager showing up at his pal’s house and telling him he had a job he hadn’t even applied for, was insane.

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